Bill L. Lind

Bill L. Lind

Senior Pastor

Damaris Lind

Damaris Lind


William L. Lind — but many of you know him fondly as Brother Bill Lind and now as Pastor Bill.  Bill served in the military from 1980-1984 in the Navy.  He was stationed in Pearl Harbor where he worked on the submarine base and then later worked on board the ship – The USS Cochran DDG-21.  After leaving the Navy, with his honorable discharge, who knew that 14 years later that a ship in the Bible would be the very thing that sails him right into Salvation. 

In 1998, Bill Lind was watching a TV program documentary on the Discovery Channel about Noah’s Ark.  Being an unbeliever, Bill was very curious to know more about this interesting book called the Bible. Bill got a bible and started to read it.  Not quite understanding fully what he was reading, Bill called to God (this was his very first prayer) and said “God, I really want to know & understand this Bible, but I don’t know how, I need help understanding your words.” 

The very next day, a Christian co-worker approached Bill and said “Bill, I am a Christian and God told me to tell you something.   You may think that this is dumb, but God spoke to me last night and said that you were asking for help to understand the Bible”. Bill was shocked to hear these words!!  Victor, his co-worker, invited Bill to a Tuesday night bible study at his church and Bill gave his heart to the Lord in June 1998 at the The Sacred Word Pentecostal Church in Brentwood, NY and a few weeks later he was baptized in the pastor’s pool.  

Two and half years later, in 2001, Bill met Damaris Vargas.  They met on January 6, 2001 – this was on 3 King’s day (a holiday celebrated by her Spanish heritage).  How appropriate that God would bring them together on a day that celebrates the bringing of gifts to our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Damaris was certainly blessed with a great gift from God in Bill Lind.  The year that they met – – In 2001, Damaris introduced him to our church – Full Gospel Christian Center – almost 20 years ago!  Faithfully, both of them have worked in various positions at this church.  Bill has worked as an Usher, Head usher, Evangelism team member, Intercessory Prayer team member, Sunday School Kids-on-the-Move teacher, Men’s Ministry Leader, and Deacon.  Bill is now retired from working for over 30 years in the warehousing, fulfillment and logistics area.  

Bill’s zeal for the Word of God has never left him. Not only does he understand the Word of God now – – But he lives it every day — through his testimony and is always eager to impart it to others.

Damaris refers to herself as a “PK”.   Do you know what a PK is?    It is a Pastor’s Kid. 

She was born and raised as a Christian her entire life.  Her parents, Rev. Eugenio and Hortencia Vargas have always been serving and ministering the Word of Lord in the Spanish community for over 50 years.  Therefore, Damaris has a good foundation.  In 1977, Damaris gave her heart to the Lord in a Sunday school class and she also preached her first message at the age of 13 years old at that same church – Eternal Rock Pentecostal Church.  Since a young age, Damaris has worked in ministry.  In 1982, she completed a Theology training in Brothers United in Christ Pentecostal Church in Staten Island NY.  She has two children, Marc Anthony and Debbie.

In 1988, Damaris began to work as a secretary for the Colgate Palmolive Company. As years passed, the Lord let her see several promotions within the organization. 

In 1995, Damaris was invited to visit FGCC and 25 years later she is still here.  She has seen Marc and Debbie grow up in this church and build their foundation right here.  

In Year 2001, she met her knight in shining armor, Bill Lind.  Bill, knowing her love of lighthouses, took her to the Montauk Lighthouse and proposed at the top of the lighthouse.  

And Damaris said Yes!  They were married by Sr. Pastor/Founder of FGCC, David A. Knapp. 

This year, in 2020. Damaris completed 32 years of distinguished service within her company and announced, her plans to retire, effective March 31, 2020 from the Colgate-Palmolive Company headquartered in NYC.  During her time at her job, Damaris completed her MS and MBA in Marketing and Operations from Pace University/St Joseph’s, respectively. 

Having the background in business operations as well as a strong Spiritual foundation, we can see that Bill and Damaris have the background to work together in a leadership capacity. Together they have worked alongside of the FGCC body – ministering in different areas.  They have both worked hand in hand to help us lead the Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry of this church. 

We wish Bill & Damaris a happy and healthy retirement & many blessing as they begin a new level of ministry in the Lord as Pastors at Full Gospel Christian Center, Port Jefferson, New York.




Pastor Diane & Bishop David Knapp

Pastor Diane & Bishop David Knapp

Bishop and Founding Pastors

Ron & Genevieve Stauch

Ron & Genevieve Stauch

Pastors - Out Of State

Pastors David and Diane Knapp both met and graduated from Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri in the class of 1969. They have been in ministry for 48 years now. They pioneered Full Gospel Christian Center in 1978 and have ministered in this congregation for the last  38 years. Pastors David and Diane have three girls, Jennifer, Andrea, and Pamela.  They have three granddaughters, Kaylie, Julianna, and Bethany. They enjoy spoiling and sending back to mommy and daddy 🙂

After pastoring in Ohio for 23 years, Father God called Pastors Ron and Gen for such a time as this to come to Full Gospel Christian Center in NY.

They have been pastoring at FGCC for 5 years during 2015-2020.

Pastor Ron was the assistant pastor to Pastor Knapp and Pastor Diane, the founders of FGCC. Then Pastor Ron was Senior Pastor.

Pastor Gen worked as the Director of Children’s Ministry. She did an amazing job while working with the teachers and students.

Pastor Ron will continue as a non-resident Trustee & Advisor to the FGCC team.

Pastor Ron and Gen have now retired to OH to be near family.
They have been married for 50 years. They have two daughters, Dawn, and Jennifer; 6 grandchildren, 1 great-granddaughter, 1 great-grandson, and a boxer named “Buddy.”

We wish them both a wonderful retirement – Blessings to Pastor Ron & Gen !